Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year to come 2021.

We have some good news to end this challenging year.

Last Monday 21rst the second batch of scooters finally shipped out from our factory and is now in the sea, direction Switzerland.

All the shipping issues we had in the first batch have been solved and as you can see we are shipping in different boxes this time. We have improved the paint, the breaking capabilities, there is a new PCB controlling the scooter which is much more reliable and controls better the speed, the tires are brand new with more comfort, and many other details.

Kome has been placing all the attention into shipping the best scooter possible and that is why it took even longer to ship this time.

Scooters should be arriving at the end of January and distributed during the beginning of February to all backers.

There is a long way to go still, until delivering to all of the other countries but the factory team is planning how to handle deliveries to the rest of Europe with the help of our partner and continue serving our North American backers.


We will be announcing plans for shipping in the remaining places in Asia, and Australia in the coming weeks.

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